Friday, August 8, 2008

a box i made for my application stuff for mica


theotherblog said...

There once was a little carpenter boy
Who widdled wood all day
All the way to Mica

So he could diss all his friends.

Kyle McCullough said...

Hey man I've been waiting for you to post. Really like that painting collage. Hope your doing well...ran into Zollo in sota, that is awesome you guys are meeting up in france. Keep in touch....Going send you some cool artists me and my brother have been looking at through facebook.....later man

lindsaykay said...


hows france, micaboy?


cesca olondriz said...

well done mike!
this is amazing.
Je vous manque mike, (si vous ne comprenez pas que ceci que vous devez apprendre plus fran├žais) ;)

let me know that youre alive

lindsey olivares said...

this is awesome. i like your stuff muy mucho michael