Saturday, April 26, 2008

I dont have any words to explain this.


Kyle McCullough said...

Cant believe your actually gone man, crazy. Definetley stay in touch when your away on your adventures. Im sure we will see each other at some point in time...hopefully on a stormy beach Ill find you isolated from the world just trying to catch the perfect know... like in POINT BREAK. Talk to you later man, peace

p.s. "tar that shit bra"

Sarah Valdez said...

who am i going to drink chai tea from, and eat chips from? and see wear my bright blue pants. I'm excited for you, but it's weird that you wont be here. U are great, lovely. Never got to say bye, I'm sorry, but its better that way.

alessandra said...

i remember helping to make this in a rather tipsy state of mind - i ought to be getting some credit!